Why Choose SBA

SBA is uniquely qualified to analyze your situation, develop alternative solutions and execute the most appropriate course of action.

Our team members have in-depth, up-to-date knowledge of benefits issues facing employers, plan sponsors, and vendors. Whether your issues are related to plan design, uncorrected data problems, outsourcing vendor arrangements or other benefits-related issues, we can advise you on your best options for addressing these concerns and help you get them resolved.

You can call on us to serve as your “relationship” advocate. Because we know how large outsourcing organizations run their businesses, build their cost structure and mask their weaknesses, you can look to us for guidance on oversight of your vendors and their services. SBA can help you maintain -- and strengthen -- your relationship with your vendors, often saving you more money than if you started over with a new partner.

SBA executes solutions with unsurpassed quality and service. And we don’t just talk about an impressive strategy — we roll up our sleeves and get the job done.

SBA promises measurable results. We are laser-focused on providing you with a significant return on investment for the dollars you spend on our services. Over a 3-year period, SBA helped an employer save more $350 million in benefits delivery.

Another client experienced a $17 million annual savings after hiring SBA to manage contract negotiations with  their outsourcing vendor. And during a recent engagement, we made process recommendations to eliminate unnecessary conversion of actuarial data. That practical advice, alone, allowed our client to “recapture” $1 million over five years.

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