Data Security

We take security associated with client data extremely seriously and have developed and implemented world-class technology and processes to ensure unsurpassed protection. Our goal is to lead the industry in the protection of sensitive information.

Data Center

We utilize a world-class data facility featuring state-of-the-art layered physical security and uptime management, including:

  • Single point of entry with coded key cards and biometric fingerprint readers
  • 24/7/365 onsite security personnel and comprehensive camera surveillance
  • Temperature-controlled servers with redundant power supplies, disc storage and network connections
  • Environment privately hosted on SBA-owned hardware
  • Nightly data backups and secure virtual and physical backup servers
  • SonicWALL TZ400 firewall protection
  • Encrypted data and email storage
  • Strict user permissions management and password policy enforcement

Remote Users

Users working outside SBA headquarters can only access the data center via secure VPN connection.

Corporate Headquarters

Our corporate headquarters employs advanced IT security features and strict data security policies, including:

  • Building access restricted by keycard and monitored by security systems
  • Restricted access to network equipment
  • SonicWALL TZ215 firewall protection
  • Centrally managed workstation security and antivirus protection
  • No ability to download client data to local devices
  • No onsite storage of electronic client data and limited onsite storage of physical files in locked cabinets
  • Encrypted terminal services access between headquarters and data center
  • Quarterly security sweeps for unauthorized wireless devices or modems

We perform thorough background checks and train new hires on all security procedures on their first day of employment. Employees receive ongoing refresher training on the security policies stated in our employee manual. Deviation from any policy is grounds for immediate termination.