(Webinar) Financial wellbeing: practical considerations and insights for employers

Jay Schmitt, ASA Thought Leadership

Program length: 60 minutes

Register and view now (available through March 2021)

Interest in financial wellbeing programs hit a fever pitch after the pandemic-related events of 2020 exposed weaknesses in employees’ preparation and readiness for volatile economic circumstances. Industry research confirms that financial wellbeing has become a topic of considerable interest to employees and a top priority for many organizations.

Evaluating potential programs is challenging for employers, given the wide range of employee needs, the varied delivery models offered by hundreds of vendors, and the differing views and priorities of internal stakeholders. To complicate matters, many employers already have some components of financial wellbeing programs in place. These “existing programs” may have been implemented at different times and provided by different vendors, making them difficult for employees to find, navigate, and piece together.

Recognizing that “one size does not fit all,” Jay Schmitt from Strategic Benefits Advisors, Inc., will provide a framework of topics and questions that should be addressed in crafting a financial wellbeing strategy that fits your organization. You will learn how to use this strategy as the foundation for developing, implementing and measuring the success of a comprehensive financial wellbeing program.