Lightning Benefits Survey Series


SBA’s Lightning Benefits Survey series is designed to help plan sponsors understand where their peers stand on a variety of timely employee benefits topics. Participation in the series — and access to survey results — is limited to plan sponsors.

New surveys launch every other month and take an average of just three minutes to complete. Plan sponsors’ individual responses are confidential, but the aggregated, anonymized findings of each survey are shared with other respondents in the hopes of providing plan sponsors with meaningful insights to better inform business decisions regarding employee benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will I have to complete the surveys?
    Each survey takes just minutes to complete and will remain open for one week. 
  • How will my answers be used?
    Your answers are confidential. We will share aggregate results with others who complete the survey, but we will not reveal your identity or the identities of other respondents. We will not share your contact information with third parties.
  • What if I don’t have the answers to all of the survey questions?
    The series covers a wide range of topics related to employee benefits, so if you receive a survey that would best be answered by a colleague, by all means — pass it along!
  • What if I’m too busy to participate?
    When we say our surveys are short, we mean it!  But if you can’t find the time for a particular survey, just skip it. You won’t receive the results for any surveys you skip, but you’ll have the opportunity to participate in future surveys.
  • I have an idea for your next survey. Who should I reach out to?
    We’d love to hear it. Use the form below to let us know what’s on your mind. 

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