Vendor Contract Negotiation

SBA’s senior leadership team has firsthand experience setting up and running successful outsourcing and consulting operations at scale, and we’ve reviewed literally hundreds of vendor contracts on behalf of our clients. We understand the pitfalls plan sponsors need to avoid, and we are ideally positioned to advise clients regarding optimal contract terms, provisions and pricing.

We perform a careful, line-by-line analysis of the vendor’s proposed contract, not only identifying items that should be changed but also making incisive recommendations for how they should be changed. Once our recommendations are reviewed and approved by our client’s legal team, we work with the vendor as needed to negotiate the changes. Our goal is to ensure the contract is written with the best interests of the plan sponsor in mind, including needed safeguards and service-level agreements that ensure the plan sponsor’s investment in the vendor.

This service is available for the following benefit plan types:

Health &