Vendor Recovery

In situations where the performance of a vendor has fallen to levels that are not acceptable, vendor recovery may be an appropriate option to pursue. SBA’s process for vendor recovery includes the following steps:

  • Review the vendor’s contract for scope of services, service level agreement parameters, pricing and other details
  • Meet with client’s subject matter experts to gather facts and brainstorm about the vendor issues
  • Analyze feedback from the meeting and develop a detailed description of each issue
  • Meet with vendor resources to present the issues and gather their perspective
  • Develop an extensive report regarding processing failures and root causes
  • Draft a recovery plan for both the client and vendor, including a timetable for recovery, specific steps which should be taken in the process and who is responsible for the steps in the plan
  • Actively address each issue in the recovery plan and monitor progress
  • Modify or create an on-going process to ensure service level agreements are met as well as ways to address new issues as they arise
  • Establish periodic meeting between the client and vendor to ensure process is being followed and to facilitate changes to the on-going plan

This service is available for the following benefit plan types:

Health &