Time Away Process Re-Engineering

As companies grow, so does the number and complexity of their time away from work (TAFW) benefits. Over time, the day-to-day management of paid time off (PTO), short- and long-term disability, and various paid and unpaid leaves of absence may become the full-time occupation of dozens of employees. The burden of administering TAFW is even more pronounced for companies that have completed numerous acquisitions, as they often have multiple legacy teams running parallel processes on different systems or with different vendors. This lost productivity is costly for employers and can negatively impact the way participants experience their time away benefits.

Fortunately, SBA can help. Our experienced consultants work closely with in-house lead administration teams and external vendors to get to the bottom of process bottlenecks, identify redundancies, and uncover opportunities to streamline and improve the delivery of TAFW benefits. Our re-engineering effort begins with a meticulous review of each client’s current processes to:

  • Define the scope of job responsibilities for the internal leave of absence team and each external TAFW vendor
  • Analyze and quantify how leave analysts are spending most of their time
  • Determine whether any functions currently performed by the leave administration team should be delegated to external vendors or to other departments
  • Identify potential opportunities and recommend changes to save time and streamline processes
  • Resolve any differences between leave administration processes for legacy organizations, if applicable
  • Review TAFW policies and practices to ensure compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements