A background on retirement plan cyber crimes and how to mitigate them

Rebecca Moore, Managing Editor of Digital for PLANSPONSORThought Leadership

The onus of safeguarding plan participants from fraud does not fall solely on the recordkeeper. Both DC plan sponsors and recordkeepers need to agree on fraud-resistant processes that are clearly documented, rigorously implemented and consistently followed. Here are a few tips.

Keeping up with all the players in outsourced benefits administration

Andy Adams and Jay Schmitt, ASAThought Leadership

The benefits outsourcing market is evolving rapidly, making it hard for plan sponsors to know what to look for — and who to consider — when preparing RFPs for the outsourcing of defined benefit, defined contribution, health and welfare and nonqualified benefits. Here are some tips.

Where plan sponsors and recordkeepers stand on multi-factor authentication

Kim ShumateThought Leadership

We surveyed plan sponsors and 401(k) recordkeepers to determine how they are using multi-factor authentication (MFA) as a tactic for mitigating defined-contribution plan fraud and protecting sensitive participant and plan information. Here’s what we found.