Strategic Benefits Advisors launches ‘Lightning Benefits Survey’ series for plan sponsors

the SBA TeamPress

Short, bi-monthly surveys give employers access to actionable intelligence and peer benchmarking on a variety of employee benefits topics

Strategic Benefits Advisors, Inc. (SBA) today announced the launch of a bi-monthly Lightning Benefits Survey series designed to help plan sponsors understand where their peers stand on a variety of timely employee benefits topics. Participation in the series — and access to survey results — is limited to plan sponsors.

According to founding principal Andy Adams, SBA will introduce a new survey topic every other month, with 2021 topics ranging from student loan debt assistance to plan audits to the use of artificial intelligence in HR. Plan sponsors may also nominate topics for consideration.

Plan sponsors’ individual responses will remain confidential. However, by sharing the aggregated, anonymized findings of each survey with those who participate, SBA hopes to provide plan sponsors with meaningful insights to better inform business decisions regarding employee benefits.

“Our goal is to give plan sponsors a lot of value for not a lot of time spent,” said Adams. “Unlike the ‘marathon’ surveys that are so prevalent in the employee benefits space, our Lightning Benefits Surveys take three minutes or less — yet they provide actionable intelligence and peer benchmarking on topics that matter to plan sponsors.”

The series’ first installment, a three-question survey on the prevalence of short-term loan programs for employees, launches today and will remain open through next week. Click here for more information or to request access to the Lightning Benefits Survey series.